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Getting to Prague

By train

Most long-distance trains to Prague either stop at Prague Central Station or at Prague Masaryk's Station. Getting to the hotel from these two stations by public transport (subway) is simple:

From Central Station, go to Florenc by subway "C" line, change to yellow line "B" and go to Vysocanska.

Masaryk's Station is on the same subway line (yellow "B") as the hotel, so just go to Vysocanska.

There's also a Liben railway station much closer to the hotel - about 500 meters, so pretty much a walking distance. You may also use bus 177 or 183 to Vysocanska station (one stop).

Follow the public transport instructions below.

By bus

The Central Bus Station is located at Prague Florenc, right next to the city center. Prague is well connected by bus with other larger cities in Europe, with buses operated by a range of companies (Flix Bus, Regiojet, …). Detailed information and time tables can be found on the bus station website, but it's probably better to use the website of your preferred bus company (the bus station site is fairly dated and cumbersome to use).

Right in front of the Central Bus Station is a subway station, with the yellow line (called "B") which goes directly to the conference hotel. There is also a tram and a bus station, in case you want to go elsewhere in the city.

By car

Prague is right in the center of the Czech motorway system.

All these motorways lead either through the city, or to an (incomplete) ring around Prague, with smaller motorways diverging into the city. To use the motorways you should obtain a vignette - a 10-day pass costs about 15 EUR.

There are no city zones with restricted vehicle access, but it's certainly better to not drive around the city if possible - at peak times the traffic may be quite heavy/slow. There are however restrictions for parking, with a somewhat complex system of residential / visitor parking zones. You can find more information here. In general we recommend leaving the car at the venue or P+R outside the city center, and switching to the public transport within the city, or using one of the taxi services (Uber, Bolt, …).

The venue has a parking garage, …

By plane

The Prague Airport (PRG) is located North-West, a bit outside of the city.

The airport has a bus station in front of each of the terminals. From there, you may take two bus lines:

119 - this is the "regular" public transport line. It gets you to the "Nadrazi Veleslavin" subway station on the green line "A". From there you should go to "Mustek" and change to the yellow line "B" which goes to the conference venue. The whole trip (airport to hotel) takes about 45 minutes. You'll need a regular ticket - see further information near the end of this page.

Airport Express - This is a special line going directly to the Central Station (train), without the hassle of having to change lines etc. Contrary to the name, it's not much faster - the trip takes ~45 minutes (plus time to get to the venue). This is not covered by the regular public transport ticket, one trip costs 100 CZK (~4 EUR).

Warning: There are multiple stops for the 119 line - two in front of each termina. Each stop is for either "inbound" or "outbound" direction - the airport is the terminal stop of the line, but the bus goes to a parking area before heading back. Picking the right stop is easy - just use the one with yellow ticket machines.

Travel in Prague to the venue

The venue is located at: Freyova 945/33, 190 00 Praha 9 - Vysočany

By public transport

The closest metro station is Vysočanská, on the "B" line (yellow). The hotel is part of a shopping mall building, built right on top of the subway station.

There are also tram and bus stations right next to the hotel, with these lines:

A ticket is needed to use the public transport in Prague. The system is fairly simple - tickets are valid for a certain amount of time, and you can change lines as many times as you wish. The short-term tickets are

15–60 years 60–65 years
30 minutes 30 CZK 15 CZK
90 minutes 40 CZK 20 CZK
24 hours 120 CZK 60 CZK
72 hours 330 CZK

More ticket information is available on the Prague public transport website.

For the journey from/to the airport you certainly need a 90-minute ticket, while for transport between the hotel and city center a 30-minute ticket should be enough. You may also consider the 24-hour or 72-hour tickets, if you plan to explore the city a bit more.

The ticket must be stamped at the beginning of the journey or fines are applied. You can do it either on the platform before boarding a train or immediately after boarding a bus or tram.

Warning: regular luggage is free of change, but large luggage (above 25×45×70 cm) may require a separate ticket (20 CZK).

By taxi

The price for a taxi to the venue from:

Multiple companies operate taxi services, including e.g. Uber and Bolt (and more traditional ones like Liftago). While the situation improved a lot, we still advise preferring these services over just hailing a random taxi on the street.

By bike/scooter

In Prague many companies operate rental bikes or scooters. Please check your preferred vendor if it operates in the city.