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Our Sponsors

PostgreSQL Conference Europe wouldn't be possible without support from our generous sponsors. Thank you all very much!



Founded in 2000, CYBERTEC was one of the first companies worldwide to specialize entirely in PostgreSQL. As our main aim is to be your single source all-in-one IT service provider, we offer a wide range of products and services. Visit our website to learn more:


As one of the leading contributors to the Postgres community, EDB provides enterprise-class software and services that enable businesses and governments to harness the full power of Postgres. EDB ensures high availability, reliability, security, 24x7 global support - on premises and in the cloud.


At Microsoft, our Postgres team is focused on contributing to the advancement of Postgres—by contributing to new PostgreSQL releases, by providing the Azure Database for PostgreSQL and Azure Cosmos DB for PostgreSQL managed services, and by innovating on Citus, Patroni, PgBouncer, pgcopydb, & more.


Ubicloud is an open, free and portable cloud service provider. We offer IaaS cloud features on bare metal providers, with the mission to reduce your costs and eliminate vendor lock-ins. You can use it as a managed service or set it up yourself. Currently in public alpha. Try it at


Data Egret

Data Egret helps companies to achieve high-availability of business-critical applications through support of PostgreSQL databases. Our DBA live and breathe open source and are experts in performance tuning, backup and recovery and query optimisation. Оn-premise or cloud - we are here for you 24/7.

dbi services

dbi services is specialized in IT consulting and services. We are experts in innovative and efficient data infrastructures and platforms. We offer tailor-made solutions to our customers thanks to our consultants, whose skills and knowledge are constantly evolving thanks to continuous training.

Crunchy Data

Crunchy Data allows companies to build with confidence as the leading provider of trusted open source PostgreSQL and enterprise technology, support and training. Our solutions include Crunchy Certified PostgreSQL and Crunchy Bridge, a fully managed cloud Postgres service.


Tembo is the Postgres developer platform for building every data service. Our mission is to collapse the database sprawl of the modern data stack with a unified developer platform.


Redgate is the leading provider of software solutions for Compliant Database DevOps. We've specialized in database software for over 20 years. Now, our products help more than 800,000 people in every type of organization around the world, from small businesses to 91% of the Fortune 100.


pgEdge is a fully distributed PostgreSQL DB, optimized for the network edge and deployable across multiple cloud regions or data centers. A true multi-active (multi-master) distributed database system allowing read and write operations at any node on the network.

Instaclustr, now part of Spot by NetApp

Instaclustr, now part of Spot by NetApp, helps organizations deliver applications at scale through its platform for open source technologies such as Apache Cassandra®, Apache Kafka®, Apache Spark™, Redis™, OpenSearch™, Apache ZooKeeper™, and PostgreSQL®.


Aiven is the trusted open source data platform for everyone. Aiven provides fully managed open source data infrastructure on all major clouds, helping developers focus on what they do best: innovate and create without worrying about the limitations of technology.



ProOpenSource OÜ
Data Bene
Amazon Web Services
Aleph Technologies
Pro Open

The PGConf.EU organisers would like to extend our sincere gratitude to all our sponsors for their support not only of the conference but of the greater PostgreSQL community.

Thank you!